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Pet Food & HPP

It’s official. It’s a thing. Pets are now officially family. It’s called “pet humanization”– and of course, we feed them like family too. That’s reflected at the grocery store. The same better-for-you trends one sees on the grocery shelf– organic, grain-free, raw pasture-raised, wild caught and HPP – are now mirrored on the pet food shelves too.

• According to NielsenIQ, frozen and refrigerated pet food products are growing fast since 2020: Frozen options have grown 36%, and refrigerated options have grown 70.3%.

• JBTAvure's senior vice president of HPP, Dr. Errol Raghubeer, explained, in ▼Pet Food Processing, how HPP is being utilized with frozen and refrigerated pet food, “HPP is a food safety technology,” said Avure HPP’s Dr.Raghubeer, “One of the benefits that you get using HPP in pet food production is you will eliminate the pathogens of concern — and it will not damage the nutrients. That’s one of the biggest concerns in the pet food industry, keeping the nutrients, such as vitamins and bioactive compounds, intact. When you inactivate pathogens like Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli, you’re also reducing spoilage organisms, so you get the added benefit of shelf-life extension,” he added.

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